Jerald P Titus with Master's Degree in basketball with a mission to contribute to Indian basketball

Probably, Jerald is the only one in India’s basketball fraternity who is going to be the first MSC. from Europe in Basketball.

Jerald P. Titus was a basketball player. He was captain of Kerala University basketball team in 2006. The BSC in Physics was from Mar Ivanios College, in Trivandrum under Kerala University did his MBA from Sathayabama University. They were the National University Champions. 

Then he represented BSNL (Kerala), and Indian Bank (Chennai) and finally associated himself with the Income Tax basketball team (Chennai) for seven years from 2011 to 2017.

The journey could have been simple like the country’s several basketball players. But Jerald shined with the game in a different manner. The passion for basketball drove him to master the intensity of the game, especially the mediocre state of basketball in the country. 

Jerald obtained a two-year study leave for advanced study in 2021 thanks to his office Income Tax and the 38-year-old former basketball player landed in Lithuania, the country called the world's one of the leading basketball hubs to achieve the Masters Degree in basketball coaching and management. 

Obviously it is a rare example where the country’s one of the former basketball players is on the way to excel in basketball coaching and management from the world’s one of the leading sports organizations Lithuanian Sports University. 

Probably, Jerald is the only one in India’s basketball fraternity who is going to be the first MSC. from Europe in Basketball. 

In a telephonic conversation Jerald whose mother CC Annamma is the first female selected from Kerala to the Indian team as well as the first female coach in Kerala, expressed gratitude to his office Income Tax and stated, “During my playing days I noticed several players were suffering from injuries often. I also suffered from injuries often. Moreover, I found great talents not getting to their potential and simply getting settled to just jobs for survival while they can be better athletes with bigger ambition and motivation on a larger international stage of basketball, which was not in the exposure, knowledge, or reach.” 

He added, “Questions often came to mind why we were suffering from injuries. I had the only answer that we were not adapting to Science-based training nor updating to the latest research in sports science as the West does, which makes a great difference in the performance. We lacked proper knowledge on recovery, periodization, maintenance of ourselves through proper strength and conditioning protocols to avoid injuries.” He asserted adding, “These questions ultimately drove me to Lithuania. I am thankful to Income Tax for providing two-year study-leave for me.”

Jerald also worked with UCAMa premier Spanish basketball club as an intern for three months. The Spanish league is considered the 2nd best league after the NBA. Then Jerald worked as a member of the Basketball technical team sports results team in conducting the European University Games held in Poland last year. 



Jerald will return to the country next year. When asked about his plans, Jerald concluded, "I have a desire to impart knowledge, specifically to contribute to Indian basketball. If you ask me whether I have a fascination with clubs or academies, I would say I have a desire to continue academics in, further research along with sharing my knowledge with Income Tax. 

He added, "At the same time, I have a desire to promote basketball and science in sports, as this is a master of science course what I learned is more research on sports science and its latest developments. This apart, if I receive any constructive offer I can work.”

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