KERALA BLASTERS'S home ground could soon be turned out as the podium of award shows, concerts by GCDA

GCDA Chairman has planned to invest Rs. 8 Crore for turf protection tiles.

The Greater Cochin Development Authority (the owner of Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Kaloor, Kochi ) is stepping out to make the home ground of Kerala Blasters Football Club as the arena of non-sporting events such as concerts and award shows in the upcoming future.

The usage of some world celebrated stadiums as award giving ground during the off-season has greatly inspired the GCDA officials to look forward to their plans. For making 'turf protection tiles', the officials of GCDA have allocated Rs.8 crore.

On this occasion, GCDA chairman K Chandran Pillai has pointed out "The JLN Stadium has hosted many international cricket matches over the years. It is now the home ground of Football club Kerala Blasters. But the club uses the stadium and gallery only for five months a year, between October and February". He also noticed "even though the stadium remains inactive during the rest of the year, the turf is regularly maintained. We are aiming to open the stadium for non-sports events during the off-season. The Stadium could be used for cultural events that can host around 35,000 people".

The GCDA intended to use turf protection tiles made of high-density polyethylene. Even, the Chairman narrated "These tiles are transparent and allow the grass to grow. The turf can be protected with these tiles while conducting events such as award shows, concerts and public meetings. We are trying to get funds for this from the State sports department too".

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