Messi donates millions of euros to help Turkey and Syri

Lionel Messi also has a great human face, donates for the victims in Turkey

As a footballer, Messi has always made his place in people's minds. But very few people know about the generous Messi. Messi once again proved that he is a big-hearted person. Messi has distributed humanitarian aid in Syria and Turkey.

The Lionel Messi Foundation has announced a donation of 3.5 million Euros for the victims in Turkey. This is not the first time Messi has come forward to help. The Argentine superstar started the Lionel Messi Foundation in 2007. Since then this foundation has been helping the needy one after another. He is a generous person off the field.

Humanitarian Lionel Messi

Messi is one of the top fifty donors in the world according to Forbes magazine. 48 percent of UNESCO's charitable trusts are funded by Messi's donations. 9 thousand 847 schools run with Messi money in 179 countries. 

Messi bears the school expenses of one crore and six lakh boys and girls. He has taken responsibility for one and a half million street children. He regularly donates to the Barcelona Youth Development Project in India.

Messi almost single-handedly paid for Argentina's trip to the World Cup in Russia in 2018. He donated most of his match fees from the World Cup to various hospitals in Argentina. 

Charity Without Borders

A few years ago, the reporter of the Spanish newspaper "La Razon" Alfonso Eussia in one of his reports alleged that Messi did doping. Messi filed a lawsuit against it. Messi won that case. Then Messi played in Barcelona. The Catalan region's court ruled the allegations against Messi in the report were false and "unnecessary and inconsistent."

More than a year later, Messi received 70,000 Euros in cash for the defamation case. He then requested that any proceeds from the case be donated to a charity. Accordingly, Messi donated the entire amount to the fund of the international charity "Doctors without Borders". The organization works to treat sick children in war-torn and developing countries. Once he says about Israel's child killers - I hate them. This is Leo Messi. He is unique off the field as well.

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