Now Annamma’s dream is to see international player from her academy

The 71-year-old former basketball player was selected in the Indian team for five times.

Annamma Titus is a name to reckon with in Kerala. She was the female basketball coach from the state. She was also the first female basketball player from Kerala to have ensured a berth in the Indian team. Even though she had a bright career in high jump, Annamma turned into an icon in basketball fraternity in Kerala. 

The 71-year-old former basketball player who was selected in the Indian team for five times introduced a basketball school in Bangalore four years ago and the school that has now 60 students (including boys and girls) is running successfully.

Annama’s daughter Janis P. Titus is now the head of CC Annamma Basketball Academy. Annamma said over phone from her residence in Thrissur, “My school has already produced several players who have represented district and state. Now I dream of players from my academy will be representing the country in future.” 



Despite being selected in the national team for five times Annamma could don Indian shirts only once as female basketball team could not be sent abroad during that phase in the early 70s. 

She still remembers the hardship when it was almost impossible for her to play high jump, then the basketball as her elder brothers (she had seven brothers) and father imposed stern restriction on her for not playing wearing shorts. 

Annamma recalled, “I started playing high jump at the age of seven years. Then a coach a high jump in my school encouraged me to move to basketball. I would not have been able to continue if my mother had not continuously given me the support.” 

Annamma who has not yet received any official recognition from the government for her contribution to Kerala basketball still cherishes her one-month trip to USA in 2013 on an exchange program between the schools from Thrissur and Kentucky. 



“Our girls from Vidya niketan ICSC School, Irinjalakuda in Thrissur played against Thomas More College Kentucky. I was proud that our school students fought against the seniors very well up to 2nd quarter but the seniors made their way in 4th quarter with all their experience,” revealed he former national player.

Annamma at the same time expressed huge gratitude for the principal of Christ Vidyanikethen School, Father Wilson Tharayil. “He was a basketball player and passionate about the game. His encouragement drove me to go to USA with the school students and train them also,” said Titus.

Annamma concluded, “I am also thankful to Jeff Hans and Daniel Denkhre, the coaches St. Henry School Kentucky. I had great experience while learning knowledge from them on the game. They were associated with NBA that time.


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