Parul Chaudhary has a desire to request the state government to develop infrastructure in Meerut

Chaudhary is all set to join Uttar Pradesh Police as the post of DSP leaving her present job of ticket checking at Western Railway.

In her maiden Asian Games, Parul Chaudhary stole the limelight, winning silver in the 3000-meter steeplechase and a gold medal in the 5000-meter marathon on the very day. Already a couple of weeks before the 28-year-old athlete earned qualification for the Paris Olympics, next year setting national record in the 3000-meter steeplechase in the World Championship in Budapest, clocking 9:15.31. 

Parul, speaking over the phone from New Delhi on Wednesday said, "I am delighted with both the achievement, qualification for Paris Olympics and the gold and silver in my debut in Asian Games.” 

Chaudhary who is all set to join Uttar Pradesh Police as the post of DSP leaving her present job of ticket checking at Western Railway, has silently achieved another feat. Inspired by her recent success a lot of parents are sending their girls to athletics. 

Parul explained, “I had to listen to a lot of criticism from relatives, and neighbors when I started running wearing shorts and sneakers. My parents gave me the support. But in recent times, those who used to mock and blame my parents for encouraging me to practice running have been sending their daughters to Kailash Prakash Stadium in Meerut for training. I feel it as an achievement also.” 

But the main stadium for training at Meerut, Kailash Prakash Stadium is almost ruined in recent years due to lack of proper maintenance. The athletes nowadays go to MP Singh Sports Academy for training but not all the athletes can train there as it is a private property, owned by Delhi Public School. 

Parul revealed, “Neither our state government, nor the state athletic association has not yet organized any felicitation program for me. If they organize and call me then I have plans to request the officials to develop infrastructure in Meerut so that more girls who are now coming up can get proper running track and other facilities to take their game standard to the higher level." 

Parul who tries to follow Abinash Saple's advice on her events divulged that she has to reduce 10 seconds in steeplechase before the Paris Olympics. She concluded, "After a week I will go to Bangalore and resume training. My national coach Nick Simmons will make the plans for my preparation for the Olympics ultimately." 

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