Pitch Concerns Cloud India-Pakistan T20 World Cup Blockbuster

"Not aware on what it is to play like on a pitch that's five months old", Rohit added

The highly anticipated T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan in New York faces uncertainty due to a controversial pitch at the Nassau International Cricket Ground.  Two prior games have witnessed teams bowled out for under 100 runs, raising concerns about a low-scoring encounter and potential player injuries due to the unpredictable nature of the surface.

The uneven bounce and significant movement of the white ball, especially in the early morning starts, have resulted in batting dominance for teams winning the toss.  "Yes, the toss is crucial and fortunately we won the toss today," said Indian batting coach Vikram Rathour after their recent victory.  However, he remained cautious when questioned about a possible par score for the upcoming India-Pakistan match, simply stating, “Whatever we can get.”

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh expressed his worries: "The worrying bit is one delivery is shooting up, one is keeping a bit down. Anything can happen on a track like this."  Indian captain Rohit Sharma echoed these concerns, admitting his uncertainty about the pitch behavior. "Quite unsure of what to expect from the pitch. Not aware on what it is to play like on a pitch that's five months old," he said.  Acknowledging the heightened pressure of the India-Pakistan clash, Rohit added, “I don't know what to expect from the pitch to be honest, but we will prepare as if the conditions are going to be like this.”

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has acknowledged the issue, releasing a statement that reads: "T20 Inc and the ICC recognise that the pitches used so far at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium have not played as consistently as we would all have wanted."  The ICC confirmed that grounds staff are working diligently to improve the pitch conditions for the remaining matches.

With the marquee India-Pakistan encounter just days away, all eyes are on the pitch, and cricket fans eagerly await to see if the ground staff can deliver a surface worthy of such a high-profile match. 


Article & Picture credit: Google service, Times of India 

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