Rajasthan Government stops Limba’s salary, asks for illness proof; legendary archer waits for the resumption of his salary

Limba also had a severe Corona Virus infection in Lungs in 2021 damaged of Lungs. He was admitted for 15 days and home Quarantine for 4 months  At home Quarantine centre.

Rajasthan's present government has stopped its legendary archer Limba Ram's salary since December 2023. Rather the state sports council has sent a letter to the ailing archer asking for the proof of his illness! 

Padmasree awardee Limba has been suffering from severe illness since 2012. He was the coach of the national men's archery team and suddenly became senseless and fell in at hotel room in London during the Olympics. That was the beginning. 

The Arjun and Padmasree Awadee was also Diagnosed with MSA-C type, Neuro degenerative diseases along with Compressive Cervical Myopath C3 and C4. In the same Year he suffered with Stroke with deviation of face, Weakness of Limbs and Worsening of Slurring of Speech. He was suffering from a few more severe illness like Neuro and Spine problem while shooting Archery L4, L5, L6, S1, S2, and S3, Liver problems, Fatty Liver Grade, Abdominal Obstruction, suffocation,
breathing issues and severe constipation. Additionally he was a patient of High BP and sugar.

Limba also had a severe Corona Virus infection in Lungs in 2021 damaged of Lungs found plural efusion in lungs. He was admitted for 15 days and home Quarantine for 4 months 
At home Quarantine centre.

Interestingly, the 52-year-old former international archer is recovering gradually. He can talk, and his memory is improving slowly. He can sit on the bed and even walk a little with someone's help. 

Reacting to the state Sports Council letter, Limba who has been staying at SAI center in New Delhi for last four years, said, “It is extremely unfortunate. The previous government in my state (Rajasthan) never failed to send my salary. I do not know why the new government is asking me for medical proof.”

He continued, "Significantly, I sent all my medical reports to the new government also in the last four months. They might feel I do not deserve the salary more as I will have to retire from my job. But I am recovering gradually and will be back in my job. " 

Limba who has not been in office for around the last four years, joined as the coach of the Rajasthan Sports Council and was promoted to officer after receiving the Padmasree award in 2012. 

However the archer remembered  nearly Rs 20 Lakhs have already been spent for his treatment so far. The central government contributed Rs 10 Lakhs while the remaining Rs 10 Lakh was arranged by Olympian shot-putter Krishna Punia, her husband Virender Punia and the state government all together. 

Limba has planned to send all his medical reports to Rajasthan Sports Council so that he again starts receiving his salary that has been stopped for the last four months. At the same time, the archer has made a request officially Rajyavarhan Rathore, the silver medallist in 2004 Athens Olympics and presently a cabinet minister to come forward for a solution regarding the issue. 

Indian archery fraternity might have forgotten him. Limba recalled that only Mangal Singh Champia came forward and served him a lot.

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