Robin is talented but has to restrain from distractions: Chanchal Bhattacharya

Robin scored five back-to-back centuries last season in Under-19 and Under-25 domestic competitions.

Robin Minz is the new 'talk-of-the-town' in the Indian cricket fraternity. It is not only because he is the first ‘tribal’ cricketer to have entered the searchlight of IPL 2024 after being bought by Gujarat Titans for Rs 3.6 crore, but his aggression with the bat seems to have brought him into the discussion where he is already being termed 'Jharkhand's Chris Gayle' or 'the next Dhoni’. 

Chanchall Bhattacharya, once Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s mentor however does not want to add the so-called tags now, Robin has been given by the media. 

Bhattacharya speaking over the phone from Ranchi opined, "He is undoubtedly potential. Otherwise, he could not have scored five back-to-back centuries last season in Under-19 and Under-25 domestic competitions. He struck a double also this season.” 

Bhattacharya asserted, “So he has potential, but at the same time, he needs to avoid distractions. An astronomical amount of money in the IPL has distracted and finished several potential cricketers' careers. He has to go a long way to acquire Gayle or Dhoni’s status.” 

Robin Minz suffered a minor accident while driving his new motorbike he reportedly bought after his transition from financial mediocrity to the world of rich people. 

His father Francis Xavier Minz while speaking also stressed the point that his 21-year-old son is inspired by MS Dhoni like all other Jharkhand's promising cricketers. Francis, a retired army man and currently working as a security at Ranchi airport said, "Robin is also a wicketkeeper and batsman. So he has gone to Dhoni several times for advice in recent times. Like all other upcoming cricketers in Jharkhand Robin also has idolised Dhoni.”

But Bhattacharya who has been watching Robin for the last two years believes that these promising boys have to watch and learn the 'Captain Cool's' nonchalance and the sacrifice he made for the game. He added, “I remember an incident happened recently. All of a sudden, I found Dhoni at the Sonnet Club where I train the boys.”

Bhattacharya continued, "I said to Mahi jokingly ‘You must have deleted my mobile number. Mahi instantly pronounced my phone number and said once he gets the land for his residential cricket coaching school he has a desire to associate me with the project. I was simply mesmerised to have thought that despite reaching the orbit of stardom he has not forgotten his root.” 

Francis and his family are now waiting for Robin's campaign in the upcoming IPL. But Francis revealed he had already received a gift from his son. That is, more young boys from the tribal community around Ranchi and other districts are trying to play cricket after watching Robin's success so far. 

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