Russia shortlists Garry Kasparov as a ‘terrorist’ and extremist!

Kasparov once notably called Putin 'the world’s most dangerous man.'

Former world champion Garry Kasparov has been added by Russia to a state list of ‘terrorists and extremists!’ according to media reports.

Kasparov’s name was added to the list by Rosfinmonitoring, a Russian watchdog that is responsible for combating money laundering and terror financing. Those designated by the watchdog as “terrorists and extremists” can have their bank accounts seized.

Agence-France Presse said that the Rosfinmonitoring added Soviet-born Kasparov to its database without giving any reason.

The Russian chess legend, who is the 13th world chess champion, is one of the most vocal critics of the current Russian regime and President Vladimir Putin. He had once notably called Putin “the world’s most dangerous man.”

He was the world’s number one chess player from 1984 till he retired: a record 255 months. In May 2022, Russia had added Kasparov to its list of “foreign agents”. 

According to a report on The Moscow Times back then, “The infamous label, reminiscent of the ‘enemies of the people’ of the Soviet period, is used extensively against opponents, journalists and human rights activists accused of conducting foreign-funded political activities.”

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