Soumyadeep-Poulomi’s state-of-the-art new academy to start next month

DDSP has also plans to rope in foreign coaches in the future.

Dhanuka Dhunseri Soumyadeep-Poulomi Table Tennis Academy (DDSP)'s second and new academy will take off with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities from next month in the New Town area, in Kolkata. 

The academy will have 32 tables along with the infrastructure built according to international standards. The residential academy will also have a 40-bed hostel for the students. 

Soumyadeep, the former national champion and national coach also divulged, "We have separate hostels for boys and girls already. But in this project, everything is being tried to organize under an umbrella." 



Starting from Sutirtha Mukherjee and Ayhika Mukherjee to Syndrela Das, Oishiki Joardar, Prithoki Chakrabarty, Aditya Das, Jit Chandra- DDSP has already gifted 30 paddlers who have won medals in international and national-level competitions. 

Soumyadeep revealed, “In our new academy according to plans so far, nearly 60 students will be taken initially. One floor will be exclusively for the grass-route development.”

DDSP has also plans to rope in foreign coaches in the future. Roy added, “We are thankful to the Dhanuka Dhunsari group for coming forward with their financial support."

"Talking about the roping in foreign coaches, I feel both Poulomi and I who have a combined career of 15 years have played under at least seven foreign coaches.”

He added, "I can say all do not fit in the fact that we want to take our paddlers to the next level. Yes, if you talk about the grass-route development then we might be in search of a Chinese coach who could teach develop the basics to the grass-route players, and for our medal-winning paddlers we can think of an experienced European coach in future." 



Roy sounded confident while explaining, “If Sutirtha and Ayhika can win medals in the Asian Games, training at our Jadavpur academy then I am optimistic that we will be able to produce the players who can shine and win medals in the international competitions in senior category from our new academy.” 

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