Sumit does not like to lose and aims at North American Championship this year

Sumit has a sweet memory of his trip to Lahore last year with the Indian team to participate in the Middle-East Championship.

He apparently sounds like a saint. He never wanted to become a bridge player in his early days. Even today, despite being the country’s number-one ranked bridge player, he does not have any aspiration to increase more fame and money. Interestingly, he does not set any specific target. He sounded nonchalant when discussing fame. He sounded affable when asked about his achievements so far. He sounded casual when discussing his target.

Still, Sumit Mukherjee from Kolkata nurtures the ‘killing instinct' which is common among any top player of his or her respective discipline. It was exposed when Sumit divulged his desire stating, “I do not want to lose in any bridge competition. It might be a less famous competition or it might be a major competition." 

The 50-year-old player, a Bachelor of Technology from Rajabazar Science College in the 90s became passionate about the game only after watching his father, late Sunil Mukherjee who used to play contract bridge. That was in 1995. Then the silver and bronze medallist in two consecutive Asian Games (2018 and 2022) did not look back. 

Sumit attributed the late Pritish Kushari to a huge extent. He stated, “He was the man who taught me everything about the game. He was my teacher.”



Sumit who is one of the leading members of the country's most valuable teams owned by HCL seems aiming for a major international competition this year, the North-American Bridge Championship, scheduled to be held in March. He has not yet won the title. The eight-time champion in the Winter National Championships winner of national level championships more than 30 times and winner of several national and international competitions.

The employee of Metro Railway has recently changed his partner Debabrata Majumder and is now paired with Rajeswari Tiwari. 

Sumit has a sweet memory of his trip to Lahore last year with the Indian team to participate in the Middle-East Championships (BFAME). 

He shared his experience claiming, “I probably never felt myself such important before. We were welcomed in such a royal and cordial manner that was amazing. Generally I have never gone out for sightseeing in other countries I went to play. Lahore was exception as we went out for sightseeing.” 



The current national champion in Jabalpur once used to play football also in his early days. But today bridge apart Sumit nothing to think about. He explained, "Bridge is a game which helps you to make an assessment of human nature, analyze the happenings of your life. I believe this game has a noticeable influence on one's life." 

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