The country’s first Para-cricketer’s ‘tragedy to triumph’ story to be portrayed in a movie

Amir had also the honor of representing country in Para-international cricket in Bangladesh.

Aamir Hussain Lone is not only the youth icon in Jammu & Kashmir but is also an inspiration to the sports fraternity across the state. 

He is a Para-cricketer, losing both his arms at the age of eight. While delivering meals to his brother at their family-owned sawmill his jacket got trapped in the machinery as the sawmill was left operational. Finally, it resulted in him being armless. 

After the tragic incident, Lone’s father, Bashir Ahmad Lone, disposed of the sawmill. Despite his tragedy, Lone harbored a deep love for cricket. After completing his first year at Government Degree College Bijbehara, Anantnag, a teacher recognized his cricketing talent and guided him towards Para cricket.



Once he joined college, a Para cricketer’s camp was underway, providing him with an opportunity to play for the Para cricket team. Lone while sharing his journey with local newspapers, divulged, “I scored 30 runs. 

He added, "This accomplishment led to my selection as the captain of the Jammu and Kashmir Para cricket team. Then in 2015, I played at Wankhede Stadium for my second national appearance, and by 2017, I had the honor of representing my country in Para International Cricket in Bangladesh."

Interestingly, Amir was invited to the stage of the popular singing reality show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” in Mumbai, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and judges alike, with his remarkable journey as a cricketer. 

Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal was present in the show on the day and moved by Amir’s hard-wearing journey the Bollywood star expressed that he had resolved the biggest problem for him. The actor said he would feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to portray Aamir’s life in a movie. 

Vickey commented, “I am glad I met Aamir Bhai today. The term ‘Bahadur’ is used generally, quite casually also. But he is a ‘true Bahadur’, a true hero, and I salute him.”



Amir attributed his success as a Para-cricketer to his grandmother who played an important role in his rise as a Para-cricketer. Amir commented, “Since my accident, my grandmother urged me not to lose hope. One day, I asked my grandmother to roll a ball toward me since then wherever she dropped the ball, I moved to hit it. With time, I learned and perfected the techniques of cricket.”

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