The rise of Md Kaif, from coaching to diet Md Sami keeps watch on his brother

Md Sami has prepared a practice pitch in front of the home at Sahashpur.

Md Kaif, brother of The Indian cricketer Md Shami, has set fire after his magical spell of 4 for 14 runs against Utter Pradesh at Kanpur in his debut Ranji Trophy match this year. He, batting at no nine, scored an unbeaten 45, also, to give Bengal a 128 runs lead. 

Md Kaif came up from the Badrudding academy of Moradabad. Although his bowling speed is not like his brother but he maintains perfect line and length.

Md Shami is very much concerned about his brother. During Covid 19 the two brothers practiced together at the native village of Sahashpur, Utter Pradesh. This is the time when Kaif had a chance to practice with an international bowler. 

Shami has prepared a practice pitch in front of the house of Sahashpur. He taught Kaif the technique of using seam, reverse swing and both in and out swing. Shami even prepared a diet chart for Md Kaif.

Nirmalya Sengupta is the first coach of Md Kaif after he came to Kolakata, eight years back.  In an interview with TV9 Bangla, Nirmalya Sengupta said, “In the net the batsmen were uncomfortable playing against him. Kaif stayed at my residence while he was under my coaching. He is very calm and quit but when he is a bowler he turns dangerous. He is also a pinch hitter with the bat. Once he scored 70 runs which helped our team to win in a match.”

Kaif first played for Friends Sporting, a second division club, in Kolkata. From there he switched to Taltala. Here he did not get much opportunity. Ultimately he switched to Town club from where he was selected for the U-23 team of Bengal. Md Shami now dreams that his brother will also represent the Nation like him.


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