The winner against the World's second-ranked paddler Sreeja keen to take her Somnath sir to Paris

Somnath was present in the Commonwealth Games, instructed and motivated his student, sitting in the stands.

Sreeja took it as a challenge before entering the match against World’s second-ranked paddler, China’s Wang Yidi. But she did not think of her fancied opposition’s ranking. She had the preparation before the match, watched Wang Yidi’s previous matches minutely, and also watched Manika Batra’s recent matches against top Chinese paddlers. 

After stunning Wang Yidi in the recently-held World Championship’s women’s event in Busan, the Commonwealth Games gold medal winner (in the mixed doubles with Sharath Kamal) 25-year-old paddler was undoubtedly excited. While speaking from Hyderabad, Sreeja revealed, "Yes, this has been the most memorable match for me so far. Now I am dreaming of a better show in the Paris Olympics." 

In a bid to fulfill her dream the two-time senior national champion now is keen to take her coach Somnath Ghosh to the Paris Olympics. 

Somnath was present in the Commonwealth Games, instructed and motivated his student, sitting in the stands. 

Sreeja added, "His presence during my match will be a great encouragement for me. I have been trying to get an accreditation card for him through the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI). I have appealed also to the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) to get the official permission for my sir’s entry in the arena.” 

Sreeja revealed that before the match against Wang Yidi her sir’s valuable suggestions helped her a lot. She explained, “Sir told me to be aggressive and try to implement whatever I learned. He inspired me asking to minimize the unforced errors as much as possible and I was able to do that.”

Sreeja uses anti-spin long pimpled rubber on her backhand. But like Ayhika she also divulged, “It was not only the pimpled anti-spin rubber that clicked. I could be aggressive and almost accurate with my forehand drives and top spins. The combination helped me to achieve the victory.” 

Sreeja, currently ranked 50th in the world is aware that she will have to face the world's top paddlers in the Paris Olympics. She opined, "I need to be quicker in movement and flawless in strokes."

Simultaneously, in a bid to increase mental strength and concentration, Sreeja is depending on the advice from Gayatri Vartak. 

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